The solarium did not disappoint. The NEW solarium. Damien led her through the one she and Jose had lunch that first day and down a small glass hallway littered with hanging baskets and orchids of every color and now they stood in a plush seating area that was the center of a huge clear hexagon surrounded by growing things. Pale winter sunshine shot through the glass, kissing the foliage with glints of gold and amber. Rainbows of light slid over the pale green tile under her feet. The six sides soared over her head coming together in a single perfect point. It was spectacular. The Demi probably stole a giant diamond from Zeus, hollowed it out and filled it with a garden paradise.


A loaded tea cart was parked next to them. She smelled fresh coffee and a savory scent she knew to be bubbling cheddar over zucchini bread. And under all of it was the fresh cent of citrus, probably due the multitude of citrus trees surrounding them. All around them. Everywhere. Dozens of them. She pulled her eyes back to the Demi “Uh… so… this is new.”

“Do you like it?”

“It’s magnificent.”

The Demi smiled. It was boyish and proud and completely adorable.

Oh, he was pleased with himself. Entering the forest of citrus, she had to admit he had good reason. Each tree was in a large terracotta pot and labeled with a small plaque sticking out of the dirt. Key and kaffir lime … blood orange… Valencia… mandarin…. Wait just a sec.and hold the phone, brake to a full out stop. Citrus. It was all varieties of citrus.

She kept walking. Sour Orange, Meyer lemon and… Ugli. Where the heck did he get Ugli? And no, no freakin’ way. She stopped, spun, and pointed, “It’s Bergamot.”

“Bergamot yes,” The Demi strolled over like a cock of the walk, chest out and hands behind his back, “Did you know it’s an orange?” He came to a stop beside her, “I always thought it was a lime.”

“Did you?”  When the heck did he do all this? How? And more importantly, why?

“There are dozens of orange varieties.” Damien told her, “You’ll have to tell Barker which you would prefer. But we did get blood orange, Valencia, tangerine and those little things, Clementines, I think they’re called…”

“How did you know? How did you know I liked to use citrus?”

Damien blinked at her, “You said citrus is your favorite secret ingredient.”

She did? “When?”

“That first day, when you saw EverMay’s kitchen. You were doing a lot of mumbling. I couldn’t make out all of it. Something about dreams and stupid genies, but I distinctly heard you say citrus was your favorite secret ingredient.”

“Oh.” Wow, he’d remembered that. Just wow.

“If you’d like we can put a greenhouse on the roof of the apartment building. Nate likes to create green spaces on rooftops…or we could add it to the central green area…oomph!





Damien fell back, his arms full of gushing grateful female. He stumbled back and fell onto the sofa, so he could enjoy this phenomenon in comfort.

Andie straddled him, planting greedy smooching kisses all over his face.

“I did a good thing?”

“Oh yes.” She breathed between lip smacking smooches.

“It’s temperature controlled. It won’t fall below fifty degrees.”

“That’s nice.” Small hands made quick work of the buttons on his shirt. Tiny biting kisses followed. They were distracting.

He concentrated on getting all the information out. “We’ll need to do something about the iron levels. Potted citrus rarely get enough iron.”

“Okay.” His shirt was pushed from his shoulders.

“I get the feeling you’re not listening to me.” His words ended on a groan. Andie sank her teeth into his shoulder, soothed the sting with a kiss, and said, “I’m fascinated.” She kept pushing at his shirt though, trapping his arms by his sides.

He decided to go with it. “Fertilizing and watering will be most often in spring and summer.”

“Mm-hmm.” Clever hands moved lower.

“And uh we uh can move them outside in the warmer months.”

“Okeydokey.” Biting kisses all around his chest. His cock swelled behind his zipper, but as Andie was already working his jeans open he didn’t suffer long. Then she gripped the waistband and tugged. He may have helped out by lifting his hips. The pants went to his ankles. No doubt he looked ridiculous. He didn’t care.

“But the timing of the move will be tricky. We can have night time temps in the low forties as late as May. Also, we don’t want to knock off any emerging fruit.”

“No knock-offs. Check.”

“Quite a few will drop anyway but…” His dick was surrounded by hot wet… Jesus! “Andromeda Adriana Chase, where are your panties?”

“Hanging on the Ugli tree.”

He turned and looked over his shoulder. Huh, damned if they weren’t.