Hey you great guys, so here we are in 2017. I want to thank everybody for sticking with me through a very tough year. I’m doing all kinds of things to make this one a little better. I’d like to say Updates will come more often., but every time I do, something comes out of left field and whack-a-moles me.  I will say I have procured some help and have cut back on other commitments so I can devote more time to telling crazy stories. woo-hoo!

I have changed my facebook page. Long story short, in looking ahead at publishing, if Evyn Rae Ward has friends and those friends write reviews some folks at Amazon think it’s not a real review, and purge it.  So I put up one of those business pages that you”like.” You guys can like it if you want or not. It’s cool.

If you have not gotten a PDF of Fifty shades of cluster as of Jan 1 2017. Comment to this post and I’ll e-mail it to you. Thanks again guys, you the bomb! Here’s to a happy and hopeful 2017.