Now, about me. I’m just a forty-something woman who had an Oprah Winfrey Ah-ha moment.  It was a Thursday. It was raining I was in this blue chair. It was leather. Never been one of my favorites, but it came with the hubs what you gonna do? I was just sipping coffee staring out at the rainy day, when two lines of dialogue ran through my head, and I thought, “Damn that’s good. Somebody should write that down.” I looked around the room, and when nobody popped up from behind my couch with a pen and paper, it struck me, “Maybe I should write it ….Oh...OhOH…..


O. M. G.  All those people running around screaming in my head are characters. I’m not crazy….I’m a writer.

AAAAAAAHHHHH-HAH!!!!!   Thank you. Oprah. I owe you some peonies.

Out to Wal-mart I went. One giant laptop, a lot of backspacing, and three years later, here we are with Cluster-F*&#s and McGovern sisters, a little steam and a lot of chaos, and an all kinds of a fabulous Gay Jose’. I’m not sure where all this is headed but it’s sure to be a fun ride.