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Breaking his Rules Chapter 32 part 1

The sun blazed in ribbons of red and gold by the time Jose and Layla returned with their two guests. The orangry crowd with the exception of Min and Dee had dispersed. Those two had not taken their eyes off the chocolate cake layers since she’d pulled them from the freezer. Under their watchful eyes, [...]

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Accidentally put the New Moon update under Breaking his rules. All sorted now. Breaking Rules update on WED. Sorry about the confusion.

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New Moon Madness chapter 7

Mckenna   The medical Examiner’s offices sat on the edge of downtown and had its own parking lot, but it was quite a hike to the actual entrance. Since it was a Sunday, street parking was free and plentiful. I parked my boring to the point of invisible silver wagon in front of the double [...]

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The website. Havin a little snafu.

Having a little trouble with the website. For the next couple days and maybe weeks you'll need to enter evynrae.com to get to my site. That will take you right to it. I'll also put a link on my facebook page. Google will do a crawl sometime soon and re-pick it up. The more people [...]

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Breaking His Rules – Chapter 31 part 2

Andie After the fun in the orangery, Andie decided to make use of the double ovens. Lemon chicken roasted in one while a chocolate orange swirled cheesecake baked in the other. All the while she mixed up an ambrosia salad with freshly picked mandarin oranges, pineapple, coconut mini marshmallows all tossed in a sweet orange [...]

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New Moon Madness Chapter 6

Mckenna I wiped my mouth and sent Lena the McGovern Glare of Death. “Uh, okay so maybe not.” Resting my head on the wheel, I took a couple breaths and reminded Lena of our reality, “We have a truck full of contraband, two teens, and George.” “Right so maybe the drive thru…. Glare. “Okay okay, [...]

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Some explaining to do…

I've decided to stop saying when I'll update as that sets cosmic forces in motion to block said update.  Like for example a shot of prednisone and the subsequant ansomnia that kept me from sleeping for a full 48 hours. Sheesh. I wasn't able to get as far as I wanted with this update so [...]

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Breaking His Rules Chapter 31 part 1

Andie “Layla, drop it.” Her friend said something, who knew what. Attempting to vocalize an intelligible denial of guilt while hiding a mouth full of cinnamon bun - not easy. “You’ve already had one. The whole building is about to descend and I’m not spending another Sunday at the E.R.” “Roomies should get special dispensation. [...]

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It’s better.

antibiotics rock. Damien and Andie tomorrow . No lie. I love the scene. It's so great.

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It hurts.

sorry about the lack of Andie and Damien, I was having some bruatl headaches went to Doc and turns out i have an infection in the orbital bone. Yes, that can happen. Spread from sinuses. On Super Duper anti-biotics. Will update as soon as i can keep my eyes focused for more than fifteen minutes [...]

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