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New Moon Madness Chapter 8

Mckenna We were enjoying a few moments of silence. I was out of cake and Lena had poured all the wine and slapped a handwritten Bar closed sign up we were eating cake when her phone buzzed. She pulled it from her pocket looked at it and the next words out of her mouth? Yep. [...]

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Breaking His Rules Chapter 32 part 3

Damien   Damn, he was in love.  Well, shit, he didn’t see that one coming. The revelation was so consuming it took him a while to realize the room was silent. As in no one was speaking. As in Andie not saying anything.  She sat on his bed in his t-shirt, her hair a tumble [...]

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I’d give my life a name, but Apocalypse is already taken.

My life over the last month: Mom fell, busted her good knee. Lightning struck house. Took out the new television, the A/C, and any and all internet/wireless/whatever. House was invaded by a mouse also a water moccasin - that's a pit viper- as in poisonous snake. Probably followed the mouse. Fios dude came Monday. Orkin [...]

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New Moon Madness Chapter 7 part 2

Mckenna   The sculpture exhibit at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts is a favorite of the Richmond elite for charity events. The rotunda has a separate entrance and the sculptures are large, sturdy, sparsely placed and therefore safe from revelers as they mingled, danced, wined and dined. Normally, I try to stay away from [...]

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Breaking his Rules / Chapter 32 Part 2

Andie The Demi finally whittled his laughter down to chortles and a couple whews, “I haven’t laughed like that in…” “You laugh all the time.” Both brows popped up, “The hell you say.” “Oh, I say.” “Kitten, my reputation as a surly bastard is well earned.” “You want the list.” “You know, I think I [...]

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oops again!

Couple people were lost with the latest chapter of Breaking Rules and yep, I had the wrong opening few paragraphs. that opening was a couple revisions ago. It should make more sense now. I hope. The pups is not liking the laptop. It is something to be barked at and whined around, and if he [...]

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Breaking his Rules Chapter 32 part 1

The sun blazed in ribbons of red and gold by the time Jose and Layla returned with their two guests. The orangry crowd with the exception of Min and Dee had dispersed. Those two had not taken their eyes off the chocolate cake layers since she’d pulled them from the freezer. Under their watchful eyes, [...]

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Accidentally put the New Moon update under Breaking his rules. All sorted now. Breaking Rules update on WED. Sorry about the confusion.

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New Moon Madness chapter 7

Mckenna   The medical Examiner’s offices sat on the edge of downtown and had its own parking lot, but it was quite a hike to the actual entrance. Since it was a Sunday, street parking was free and plentiful. I parked my boring to the point of invisible silver wagon in front of the double [...]

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The website. Havin a little snafu.

Having a little trouble with the website. For the next couple days and maybe weeks you'll need to enter evynrae.com to get to my site. That will take you right to it. I'll also put a link on my facebook page. Google will do a crawl sometime soon and re-pick it up. The more people [...]

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