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Some explaining to do…

I've decided to stop saying when I'll update as that sets cosmic forces in motion to block said update.  Like for example a shot of prednisone and the subsequant ansomnia that kept me from sleeping for a full 48 hours. Sheesh. I wasn't able to get as far as I wanted with this update so [...]

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Breaking His Rules Chapter 31 part 1

Andie “Layla, drop it.” Her friend said something, who knew what. Attempting to vocalize an intelligible denial of guilt while hiding a mouth full of cinnamon bun - not easy. “You’ve already had one. The whole building is about to descend and I’m not spending another Sunday at the E.R.” “Roomies should get special dispensation. [...]

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It’s better.

antibiotics rock. Damien and Andie tomorrow . No lie. I love the scene. It's so great.

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It hurts.

sorry about the lack of Andie and Damien, I was having some bruatl headaches went to Doc and turns out i have an infection in the orbital bone. Yes, that can happen. Spread from sinuses. On Super Duper anti-biotics. Will update as soon as i can keep my eyes focused for more than fifteen minutes [...]

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Updates on the updates

So I promised an update today and an update you did recieve. Only one though. New Moon Madness got its next chapter and it was a doozy. Espcially that last scene. Between that and the Pups "snip snip they got his bits" surgery. Damien and Andiie won't come till Monday.  Thanks for the patience and [...]

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New Moon Madness Chapter 5

Mckenna After Allie shut down the Seth haters, it was only a matter of getting through the next fifty minutes of updates, motions, complaints suggestions and one heated exchange between the owner of Dogma, the everything for your dog store and Pet Place, who wanted to begin offering dog-grooming services. Finally, somebody said something in [...]

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HI! updates this week. Yay!

Guys, I'm so sorry. the new puppy was quite an adjustment. At first I thought, there is something wrong with me. Why am I not breezing through this. Then I started talking to other fisrt time puppy owners. Wow. We had two surgeries and had to remove an acorn from the bowel. Appently acorns are [...]

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Hey now, don’t dream – It’s up.

Well, after some illness and puppy surgery. Yep, surgery. I finally got some writing done. We're starting to get into a routine with the pups, but for someone who has always had cats, it's been pretty wild. The chapter is a little rough but I wanted to get it out today. I'll be cleaning it [...]

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Breaking his Rules / Chapter 31

Andie “You expect me to believe you wouldn’t hurt her?” Damien shouted, fighting Caine’s hold. “After what happened to my Mother?” “Damien…” Evelyn protested. Nobody heard her. Desmond was too busy shouting something about robberies and break-ins. And he didn’t hurt women. Damien’s vocalizations degraded to rabid snarls. Nate was shouting for everybody to calm [...]

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My puppy has way more energy than I do.

Hey guys, There was a delay in updates due to what I call spring fever. Happens every year.  The chronic fatigue anniversaries and oh boy it takes about six weeks to really get past it. Then we got a puppy. He is the single cutest thing I've ever seen, but man, does he take a [...]

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