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Breaking His Rules Chapter 25

  Damien Damien slouched against the elevator. Damn, but he was tired. The hotel was officially open for business and the problems had been instant and numerous. Problems with the maid union. Problems with the cooking staff. Problems with security. Problems with plumbing. One guest went into Anaphylactic shock from the carpet deodorizer they used. [...]

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New Moon Madness / Chapter 3

Christy   Their back yard wasn’t big, but Trudy’s poop sure was. Christy pulled the little blue plastic bag out of the lower left pocket of her cargo pants, wrapped it around her hand and “Scooped the poop.” “We’ll go ahead and put this in the outside garbage.”  She told the happy canine trotting at [...]

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Cluster on PDF….again.

I've done it before and I'll do it again because navigating my own web-site confuses me, dyslexic girl that I am. If you have not recieved Cluster on PDF as of yet and you'd like to comment here and I'll get it out to you. Love you guys! You rock the house!

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Breaking His Rules Chapter 24

Andie   She woke alone, well rested and sore in unusual places and she wasted no time getting into the bathroom. Where she brushed her teeth, washed her face, and ran a comb through her hair.  She may not rank Demi-Goddess, but at least she smelled nice.  She exited the bathroom to find a shirtless, [...]

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Thanks guys!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for all your wonderful comments and support. You guys are the best.  I've had a rough six months. Your well wishes are a balm to my soul!!!!!

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Hellooooooooo out there.

As if I could forget about you guys. Never. Migraines and chronic sinusitis are bad for productivity. I am post surgery. That balloon sinus dilation thing. So far So good. Got more writing done in the last three weeks than I have in six months. Woot Woot. So breaking his rules got update. New Moon [...]

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New Moon Madness Chapter 2

Mckenna We got the B team out of the door an hour later. Basically they asked us to keep all this quiet. I rolled my eyes and walked away. Lena called them idiots and Gavin promised to do horrible things to them if the identity of Alex Kane ever came out because it "sure as [...]

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Breaking His Rules Chapter 23

Still Andie It could have been seconds or hours later, Damien eased his hand from her body, his forehead resting on hers. Sensual kisses trailed along her jaw, tender words bathed her ear. A gentle glide of hands down her shoulders and then she was being untied. Her clothes straightened. Damien stood and she came [...]

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Breaking his Rules Chapter 22

Note: This has not had its final polish run through, but I couldn't look it anymore. Sometimes you have to let it go and come back with fresh eyes. Gimme a couple days and it will be smoothed out, but here you go. Andie Andie spent the final afternoon at her Grandmother’s in her room [...]

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Breaking His Rules Chapter 21

Andie After a shower and some intense hair conditioning Andie felt almost human. She’d had a little trouble with the wrapping around her ribs, but after some tugging and turning was able to get the bandage off and back on. The problem was finding something comfortable to wear. A hunt through her closet produced an [...]

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