So for those who haven’t checked out the facebook page, we’ve had a little drama around here. Mom’s cataract surgery hit a snag when she misread the med insructions. While I was staying with her for a few days hubs called to tell me his Mom passed. It was kind of a surprise. We knew she was getting more feable, but then she suddenly declined. She was quite the Southern Belle. We will miss her. So Hubs had to fly to Jackson Ms for the funeral. Meahnwhile I was driving my Mom back and forth to the Doc trying to save her new lense. Hubs was in Ms for a week. Now all this happened two weeks before we are supposed to be out of our house cause our landlord was moving back home. Long story, but Oh Boy. Like  God. We are finally moved. We scrunched a month’s worth of packing and prepping into a little over a week. Not something I’d reccomend.  Now we’ve got boxes, just lots and lots of boxes we packed in a hell of a hurry so we can’t find a damn thing. I’m getting back behind my laptop today for the first time in almost three weeks. so sorry about all the delays. I went back and read some of the stuff and I can’t wait to polish it off and get it to you guys. Thanks for the patience I’ll also be sending PDF of cluster out over the next couple of days to those who requested a few weeks ago.