“Run that by me again?”

“Jane, can you just answer the question please?” Drake was beginning to think this had been a mistake, but he felt a woman’s perspective was called for in this situation, so after the food arrived, he left Andie to soak and nibble her mushrooms in privacy and made the call he was now thinking was a mistake.

“A virgin?  You’re serious?”


“And you’ve never…”


“Not surprising. Not with the skanks you date.”

“Jane, if we could stick to the topic at hand.”

“Oh, I’m sticking alright. Hold on.”

He heard glasses tinkling and laughing. Jane was downstairs. The ball was still going strong.

It was when he picked up the hissing whispers and the, “Fuck me! No way.” That he got confirmation that yes, this had been a mistake.

Then more hissing and tinkling and then silence and then loud and clear, “Holy Shit a virgin?”

Big. Mistake. He pressed the heel of his hand to his left eye that had started to twitch, “Dee put Jane back on the phone, please.”

“What the fuck for? You should be cuddling?”


“Cuz, you don’t deflower a girl and then run off and call another girl. Even if it is your cousin.”

“I didn’t run off. She’s in the tub having mushroom caps and wine.” Fuck it. Did he sound defensive?

“Uh, okay. I’m guessing you’re not in the tub with her, so my original statement stands.”

“She was hungry.” Fuck him. Yes, he did. “Dee, would you please put Jane back on?”

But then there was more shouting and squabbling, and yet another, “No way,” followed by a “Gimme” and then Min loud and clear, “You boinked the pastry chef? SCORE!”

And he was up to cousin number three. He shoved his hand deeper into his eyes socket,  “Min, could you please put Jane back on the line?”

“What for? Why are you calling us?” There was more urgent whispering and, “What… no way….a virgin? Wow. You should marry her.”

Damien was guessing that final instruction was for him. “I don’t think that rule applies anymore.”

Rules? Who’s talking rules? I’m looking at a bottomless bowl of buttercream, Buddy.”

“Right.” Damien tried to recall whether cousins four and five were at the ball. He hadn’t seen them earlier, but that didn’t mean anything.

“Darn right, right. I’m fat. I’m tired. My ankles hurt. I have to pee every five seconds and my son, the future world kickboxing champion, is trying to kill me from the inside out. If you screw this up I will not be held responsible for the pain and suffering I will heap upon you.”


 “Preach it, sister.” Dee shouted. Then started chanting, “Cookie Dough! Cookie Dough! OOO-Rah-Rah.” Over and over and fuck, but he needed an asprin.

“Speaking of. I gotta go pee. Here’s Jane. Damien, don’t you dare screw this up for us.”

“I’ll do my best.”

“Okay, so she’s been deflowered and she’s soaking in a…. hold on. DEE! SHUT UP!

“Just sayin.”



“Sorry. ” Jane was back to her normal calm business-like self, “She bled a small amount and now she’s soaking in a baking soda bath?”

Relief flooded him at the no-nonsense appraisal, “Yes.”

“I’m not a doctor or anything, but if memory serves she’ll be a little tender. She may bleed a little more, but it’s nothing to worry about. Honestly, you should take your cue from her.”

“Right. Thanks.”

“You’re welcome, and I’m with Min. If you screw this up, there will be hell to pay.

“Yeah,” Dee was back to shouting, “Hell hath no fury like a woman without cookie dough.”

“I’ll do my best.”

He disconnected, throwing the phone on his bedside table.


There had been a great bong while she was in the bath. Adonis had left her and returned with food. With a swift kiss to her shoulder he’d left again, saying he had to check in with security. She was grateful. After the shock had worn off she’d been very aware of her lack of clothing and the bulge under her fanny. As delicious as the food was she’d have had trouble eating naked in his lap.

So she’d relaxed in a tub the size of a small pool. Sipped wine and munched on mushroom caps and cheese and sugar-sweet strawberries and pondered just what in the heck she was doing. Well, other than the soaking in the tub after almost, sort of doing it with the Demi-God. And that was her quandary. She hadn’t exactly planned on doing it, but she hadn’t not planned either. So far in this relationship, if that was even what you called it, she’d been passive. Her grandmother would not be pleased.  As strange as it was to think of her at this moment. Granny had lived a long time and according to her, passivity was the enemy to a woman’s happiness. “Think of all the women in history who achieved anything of significagance and you would find a woman who knew what she wanted and went about getting it.”

So…not passive.

She needed to drop the passive and act.

Step one in her dynamic new plan of action.


To do that she needed to assess.

And she was back to sitting in a bathtub after sort of being deflowered by the Demi-God.

So yes, that happened. She’d lost the v-chip. it was the sort of that was the problem. The flower had been plucked and then nothing. No kissing or touching or naughtiness, or sin in the sheets. Nope. Other than her Adonis freaking out and dumping her in a tub of baking soda, she got nothing. Zero. Zilch.

Well, phooey on that. If she was going to eventually get tossed aside by Mr. Do the Ladies Dirty and drop them like they’re hot, she ought to, at the very least get a night of sweaty, dirty, toe-curling sex.

Yep, she was due some do me dirty.

Andie drained the last of her wine and slammed her empty glass down or sat it gingerly on the tray beside her. The crystal was so delicate she’d been afraid to sip from it so the slam part happened in her head, but whatever

She got out of the tub, dried off, brushed out her hair, cleaned up the mascara under her eyes, found a new toothbrush and Colgate. Hair and teeth brushed, she grabbed the dark green robe hanging on the back of the door. Wrapped it around herself and headed off to find her Adonis.

She was due some carnal, toe-curling, sex-me-up sexiness, and she was gonna get it.

Darn right, gonna.

She threw the double doors open and marched into the next room and absolutely, positively lost her nerve. Poof! Gone.

Oh holy shitty shity shit.

She was standing in a hexegon. In front of her were walls of solid glass. Three huge big tall walls connected like a trifold mirror and beyond them Washington DC gleamed against inky darkness. She turned around behind her were three trifold walls of normal plaster regular stuff like sheet rock.  There was a fire crackling in a hearth of dark stone. A deep sofa made for lounging in front of it along with a couple of chairs, but what had her nerves fleeing and her plan of action crumbling was what stood smack dab in the middle of the hexagon shaped room bigger than entire apartment, on its own raised platform, was a giant, larger than life, four poster bed.

Holy Crap. Dark wood, maybe mahogany the posts rose to an intricately carved wooden canopy. Drapes in a dark green velvet were tied back to reveal sumptuous linens and more pillows than she could count. The colors were dark blues and greens. Velvets and brocades. It was a bed fit for a king or a Demi-God. And it was most definitely not made for sleeping. That bed was for sensual nights of sexual bliss. Lots of nights and lots of bliss and her do me dirty plan shattered to dust at her feet.

But it was probably for the best because even if she’d had the nerve to climb up in it and strike a seductive come-and-do-me pose, the bed was so tall she’d have a heck of a time getting in it,  “I’d have to have a step-stool.”

“Kitten,” Arms wrapped around her and her back was snugged up against a hard male body, “I’ll help you climb into my bed any time.”

“Oh um…”

“Like now for instance.” And she was summarily lifted and turned and a big hard male body pushed her into the super soft sumptuousness.

Okay well, that worked…kind of.



 “Any time.” He popped a kiss to one corner of her mouth.

“Day…” He whispered along her smooth cheek. Damn, she was sweet everywhere.

“Or night…” He bit the soft delicate lobe of her ear. He heard a little gasp.

“Seven..” He sucked it into his mouth. Her gasp turned to a moan.

“Days a week…” He nuzzled that sensitive place behind her ear. Her head tilted to the side.

“365 Days a year…” He scraped his teeth along the tender skin. Her head fell back, arching her neck.

He took tiny sucking bites down the sweet length to the soft place where her throat met her shoulder. Her breath came in little pants. He peppered kisses down her throat, nuzzling the velvet aside, he found the inner curve of her breast and sucked tender flesh into his mouth.

A feminine little moan, and her body arched up under him, “Ahh…..God..

Her breathless words ended when he bit down on her nipple through the velvet.

He murmured around the nipple that hardened for him. He rolled his hips into her.

She bowed up off the bed.

He rolled his hips again, she strained against him, “Every luscious inch of you. And then my sweet, sweet, girl,” He drew back so he could see her flushed face, her eyes dark and glazed with the lust he was making her feel, “I’m going to fuck you.”

She whimpered and turned her face away. “Look at me, Andie.”

Her eyes flew back to his, “Is that what you want?”

With a small whimper she nodded.

“Not good enough. You have to tell me. Say the words.”

“Yes, yes, please.” She arched under him.

“Please what?” He had to hear it the words because there would be no going back.

Her face flamed her eyes darted away, “Please, Oh…you know.”

“No, I don’t know. That’s why you need to say it.” Because there would be no going back.

“Seriously?” All writhing stopped. Andie flopped back onto the bed, blowing her hair out of her face, and with a huffing little puff, proceeded to hand him his ass. “Yes. Yes, I want you to fuck me. Take me. Do me dirty. Jeezee Peezee! Can you just get on with it already?”

Get on with it? He had to bite his cheek.

“I mean, it’s not like the v-card gets me a discount on shoes or some shit.”

Oh fuck. He was going to lose it.

“And if you’ll recall, that ship sailed already. It’s gone. Kaput. Done. I bled a little. You screamed a lot. For fuck’s sake, the flower has been plucked. It’s not like it can grow back.”



Damien went still. Lips pressed together, he stared down at her. His face all blotchy, he emitted strange choking sounds, like he was having some kind of conniption. His head fell to her shoulder. H

is body shook.

“Are you laughing?”

He rolled off her, sprawled on the bed, threw on arm over his eyes and… yep.


For the love of frosting. She rolled onto her side, bending her elbow and propped her head in her hand, “You know, somehow, I thought being seduced by a known seducer would be more, I don’t know… seductive.”

More laughing.

Huh. Well, if they were going to do anything, the deflowered virgin had to be the one to get it started.

Her mouth found his jaw. Warm solid. Slightly rough with a hint of beard. She moved down his throat and nuzzled the vee of flesh there. So warm.

The laughing stopped.

She pulled a button free,tasting the exposed skin. And giving it a little nibble.

A sharp intake of breath, “What are you doing, Kitten?”

“Seducing you.” She flicked another button and another.

“Are you, now?” Hands went to her hair.

“Mmmm-hmm.” She kept sliding buttons loose, yanking his shirt from his pants so she could get to the last one. She crawled over him straddling his legs, she parted the while silky fabric

Holy Cow. He was pretty.

So that was what six pack abs looked like up close. Mouthwatering. Hard muscle under golden skin with a dusting of dark hair. Beautiful She blinked down at him, “Wow, you must work out.” She ran her fingers idly along the ridges and planes and felt the bulge under her jump.

Ha! The little virgin was getting some action.

“Take the robe off, kitten.” Husky, dark, deep, not a bit of laughter, now.

Bossy, though. “No.”


“No. You’ve seen me naked, already.

“Yes, and I’d like to see it again.”

“Nope. Not until I see you. It’s only fair.”


“Fair. And now you’re repeating everything I say.”



Damn if he wasn’t. Those light little touches were making him insane. This was new, and he was enjoying it too much to stop her. So he laid back and let the sexy siren on top of him have her way… for now.

Her hands went to his pants and just as speedily as she did that first night they were open.

“You’re good at that.”

She waved a hand at him, “Small hands make nimble fingers.”


She grabbed his pants and boxers and started tugging, dragging them down his legs with little huffs and puffs and mumblings he wished he could make out. Highly focused on getting him naked. Not pausing even for a second when his cock sprang free. She kept up the tugging and pulling, sliding off the bed to drag them all the way down his dangling legs, his shoes only giving her temporary problems. He sat up, looking done where she knelt on the floor, “Should I help with that?”

“No. Take your shirt off and lay back down.”

Damn, the little minx was ordering him around. Curious to see what she was up to, he pulled the shirt off and lay back, propping up on his elbows so he could watch her. She whipped off his shoes and socks and with a final tug and a triumphant “HA!” She yanked off his pants and boxers in one go, swirling them over her head in victory before tossing them across the room.

“You’re awfully exuberant.”

“I had a glass of wine.”

“Kitten, are you drunk?”

“No.” She waved off his concern, “I’m just a little buzz-brave.”

“Buzz Brave?”

“Liquid courage and all that.”

“Liquid courage?” Her eyes did look a little glazed.

She clambered back onto the bed, straddling his thighs and blinked down at him, “You’re beautiful.”

“You think so?” She was luscious. Sitting over him staring down at him in wonder. Cheeks pink, mouth wet, hair tumbling onto one creamy naked shoulder he revealed by tugging the robe already slipping. Sweet, lush, sensual. Woman and sin. Fuck, but he was a goner.

“Mmm-hmmm,” Her gaze traveled down, “I’ve never been a fan of the penis.”

That didn’t bode well he thought right before she ran her index finger lightly up his cock and stole his reason. He choked out a single rasping, “No?”

“No.” Her finger rested right under the head of his dick. Light, innocent, curious and erotic as all hell.  “In all that seventies porn they’re veiny and purple and look turned inside out.”

He was barely hanging on to sanity so it took his oxygen starved brain a minute to get past the purple and veiny and inside out and wait just a fucking minute.. “Kitten, what do you know about seventies porn flicks?”

The single finger rolled over circling the tip as big aqua eyes rolled, “More than I want to.”

“And how is that exactly?”

“Jose. Film Studies. Term Paper. It was a dark time in my life.”

“Dark?” He choked out. That tiny finger paused to collect the moisture his hungry dick was salivating.

“I’ve seen things.” She shuddered, “But you’re lovely.”

“Lovely?” That was less of a croak as she’d taken her touch away, but then he watched as his little virgin took that finger and popped it in her mouth, rolling him around on her tongue like she was sampling a chardonnay, “Hmmm,” She cocked her head at him, “Salty, a little sweet.”

Holy Shit. He was in danger of embarrassing himself in a way that hadn’t happened since he was seventeen.

But then she leaned over him the tiny hands, skating up his chest las she peppered light as air kisses over his chest. Pausing at the notch in his throat. She made a sound somewhere between a growl and a moan and bit him – hard, sucking the flesh into her mouth with a lusty little moan.

What the fuck? He broke out in a sweat his dick so hard the light touches of the velvet robe gliding against it was torture. With a happy hum she kissed away sting, trailing her fingers down his ribs and down his hips her mouth following. She tasted, licked, kissed, and nibbled her way down his body. Harsh breathing and groans were coming from him, his hands sliding into that abundance of hair sliding over him. She nibbled her way down his belly. He felt a flutter of breath on his dick before she moved away, her mouth working down his hip-bone with tasting little bites. Another flutter of breath and then the other hip bone got the same attention. This time when she got to the bottom and moved. He felt a wet brush of lips on his cock and he could take it no more.

“Come here.”  He grabbed her hips toppling her onto the bed. Silencing her indignant “Hey!” with his mouth, sucking on that tongue that had been making him crazy, he slipped the knot in the robe free, peeling the velvet open and growling out a barely intelligible, “Don’t move.”

He left her long enough to get a condom out of the night stand and fuck he’d never gotten one open and on so fast. He climbed over her, grabbing those marauding, innocent hands he placed them over her head, “Leave them there.”

If she so much as brushed him anywhere below the waist he’d shoot off.


“So you find my seduction skills lacking?”

“I didn’t say that exactly.”

“I believe you did.”  He released her with a bite to that succulent bottom lip, “You’re not impressed so far?” He tasted his way down her body, raking his teeth over sweet satin-soft skin,




 “Well, um… I didn’t mean…I mean…uh..” He rolled into her silencing her babble. She was babbling. She had a Greek God moving down her body, all dangerous and hungry. So yes. Babble.

“I’ll have to work harder.” He rolled his hips into her. The broad tip kissing her sex. She arched up.

He pulled away. “Oh-no, not yet sweet-girl. I have my reputation to think about.”

His mouth closed over the aching tip of one breast, a single hard lash of his tongue. She arched up and again he was gone, taking his mouth away. He blew on the aching tip, “I’m a known seducer after all.”   Open mouth kisses trailed to her other breast. A bite. A lash of tongue and he moved back to the first breast, still stinging from his attention. Another bite. Another single lash. Back and forth. Over and over until she was a mass of sweet sensations and aching need.

He paused, bit the side of her breast, “How about now?”

She couldn’t answer. She couldn’t think. All she knew was more. More. She needed more. burying her hands in his hair she held him to the aching peak, but her hands were grabbed by much larger and stronger ones and lifted up over her head.  He held them there easily in one of his much larger hands.


“No?” He lifted his head from her breast, eyes hard with passion captured her, “Are you sure?”

She felt a touch to her thigh as his other hand moved, inserting between them, he cupped her, “Let’s see…”

His finger sild inside her. Air left her on a gasping moan. He touched her circling, barely inside around and around until she arched squirming to get closer.

“No!” His finger left her. The hold on her wrists turned to iron. A stinging bite to her aching breast and sharp pinch was delivered to her clitoris and pain throbbed as pleasure, sharp, intense, and deep bloomed from her womb, spiraling out. She lay panting as it rippled through her body.

“Oh, Sweet Andie. You like that.” Dark temptation whispered in her ear.“ You liittle bite of pain.”


“Yes baby, your drenching my hand. You like that little bite of pain. You like being helpless under me”

Did she? That was a scary thought.

“It’s all right. You’re safe with me, Andie. Always. Let go, sweetheart.”

His fingers returned to her body, stroking circling her deep, the heel of his hand hit the still stinging knot of nerves, all while his skilled mouth continued the sweet torture to her breasts. It went on and on. The grip on her wrists hot, hard iron. He played the body that was suddenly foreign to her until her blood flowed heavy in her veins and the very air on her skin was a caress.

“Look at me Andie.” She opened her eyes and he was there, his face hard, feral eyes burning midnight, “Yes, you’re close. Baby. Your skin is flushed. Your eyes are heavy, your breath is shallow, and your so wet I can feel you. Hot slick…hungry…there… there you go. God you’re beautiful. I’m taking you now.”

And he did. His hand left her body and then he was there Hard hot strong and thick, he surged inside her and she was full so full. Pleasure pain pleasure again sensations cascaded, sweeping her away. He moved inside her smooth and powerful. Holding her down, taking her under and she drowned in eyes of midnight fire.