You guys rock the house. Rock Stars. All of you. Sheesh.

Life. Sweet Mercy! Can't even begin to go into it all. We are all good. That's kind of a faith statement, but we have our health, we being the dog, the cat, me and the hubs,  and things are finally looking up.  Hope you guys are good. I'm still working through the comments. One day [...]

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Here we are again….

A new year. I'm still here. Hope you guys are well and safe. It's been something. My immediate family has so far escaped Covid 19, I have friends who have not been so fortunate. Seeing what their going through, I hope you guys are well. It is heart-wrenching what this does to families.  All I [...]

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My Mama, out takes and other stuff.

So I thought you guys might like to meet my Super Mom. Here she is on her 85th Birthday Christmas Day 2019. She is always smiling. Oh, and she now has a boyfriend. That's right my Mama has found new love at 85. He's a peanut farmer. I told her I expect peanuts in the [...]

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Stay Inside.

Hey you guys. Mom's sister died the week before Christmas. It was expected but it was her last sibling and there were seven of them. Hit her so hard.  Then she hurt her hip two weeks after. The good news is we are all healthy now. That woman is a Timex watch. I think an [...]

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You Guys Are The Best

I'm sitting with the puppy sipping tea and reading all your amazing words of love and support. Thank you! You made me laugh and cry at the same time... Oh the feels. You Guys Rock!!!!

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Meet Me on the Other Side.

Hello!! Wow. Where to begin. The last few years have been intense. Serious stress. Major stress. And finally It clobbered me.  Death of a parent, health problems, Moving three times in four years, financial problems, IRS problems.  When it was all over I thought Whew! It's all over. I'll be fine now. And bam! I [...]

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I’d give my life a name, but Apocalypse is already taken.

My life over the last month: Mom fell, busted her good knee. Lightning struck house. Took out the new television, the A/C, and any and all internet/wireless/whatever. House was invaded by a mouse also a water moccasin - that's a pit viper- as in poisonous snake. Probably followed the mouse. Fios dude came Monday. Orkin [...]

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oops again!

Couple people were lost with the latest chapter of Breaking Rules and yep, I had the wrong opening few paragraphs. that opening was a couple revisions ago. It should make more sense now. I hope. The pups is not liking the laptop. It is something to be barked at and whined around, and if he [...]

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Accidentally put the New Moon update under Breaking his rules. All sorted now. Breaking Rules update on WED. Sorry about the confusion.

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The website. Havin a little snafu.

Having a little trouble with the website. For the next couple days and maybe weeks you'll need to enter to get to my site. That will take you right to it. I'll also put a link on my facebook page. Google will do a crawl sometime soon and re-pick it up. The more people [...]

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