Hey now, don’t dream – It’s up.

Well, after some illness and puppy surgery. Yep, surgery. I finally got some writing done. We're starting to get into a routine with the pups, but for someone who has always had cats, it's been pretty wild. The chapter is a little rough but I wanted to get it out today. I'll be cleaning it [...]

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Moved In. Kinda.

We moved. We unpacked. Some. I painted. Boy, did I paint. I don't reccomend moving and painting all in one go. Who- boy. I DO reccomend going back and re-reading chapter 25. I re-wrote the second half. I like it much better. Thanks so much for your patience. You guys da' bomb.

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Boxes. Boxes Everywhere. So Many.

So for those who haven't checked out the facebook page, we've had a little drama around here. Mom's cataract surgery hit a snag when she misread the med insructions. While I was staying with her for a few days hubs called to tell me his Mom passed. It was kind of a surprise. We knew [...]

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PDF of Cluster.

Real Quick. I just sent the PDF out again to anyone who requested since June. I apologize to anyone recieving it over and over. I had a few glitches with my site and I'd rather you have it twice than not have it at all. If you have not recieved it as of 8/26/2017 at [...]

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Hey guys! Here’s where we are.

I gotta move. we got notice two weeks ago. We have to be out in two weeks. I was hoping to post this week, but I had to give the hubs some help organizing and culling his office/woodwoking shop. He's a bit of a hoarder. He went out of town so I struck while I [...]

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Cluster on PDF….again.

I've done it before and I'll do it again because navigating my own web-site confuses me, dyslexic girl that I am. If you have not recieved Cluster on PDF as of yet and you'd like to comment here and I'll get it out to you. Love you guys! You rock the house!

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Thanks guys!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for all your wonderful comments and support. You guys are the best.  I've had a rough six months. Your well wishes are a balm to my soul!!!!!

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Hellooooooooo out there.

As if I could forget about you guys. Never. Migraines and chronic sinusitis are bad for productivity. I am post surgery. That balloon sinus dilation thing. So far So good. Got more writing done in the last three weeks than I have in six months. Woot Woot. So breaking his rules got update. New Moon [...]

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2017. When did that happen?

Hey you great guys, so here we are in 2017. I want to thank everybody for sticking with me through a very tough year. I'm doing all kinds of things to make this one a little better. I'd like to say Updates will come more often., but every time I do, something comes out of [...]

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When October Goes….

We've all been there. You realize what you're doing isn't working, but you have no idea how to fix it. My summer was like that. Writing seemed impossible. Stuff kept happening. Health problems, Mama problems, hubs, family emergencies yadda yadda yadda. And it's a whirlwind of stuff. You find yourself standing in the eye of [...]

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