Just a little info….

A lot of you have been asking for recipes from the stories. Well, we aim to please. See Get cookin'. The first recipe actually isn't in the stories. I made it for Thanksgiving mentioned it online and someone wanted it in time  for Christmas. I know we all want Papa's Sangria so that will be [...]

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A timeline for you.

So I had a couple of people confused about the McGovern timeline. Due to Fifty shades of the Moon, my first foray into writing, being about two thirds of the way through the McGovern saga as I saw it unfolding in my head, it is confusing. So hopefully this will help. The Rescue (The story [...]

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Cookin’ with gas….

So Dad had a little pneumonia. I cooked his favorite dish. Navy beans. Yeah, Dad's easy to please. Flavored it with a ham bone. Here's a question for you. How does anyone cook anything without a country ham bone for seasoning. Got veggies...put a ham bone in it. Want yummy soup....put a ham bone in [...]

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So mom had a heart attack. She's good, in the hospital. They're treating her like royalty. I'll just say that stints are a medical miracle. What used to be major open heart surgery is now just a slip of the wrist and bam your good to go. But Mom was home alone when it happened. [...]

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Hubs: We're out of coffee.  We need to order more. Me: Sure, but that last batch from Greenberry's wasn't as good. Hubs: It wasn't the coffee. Remember our coffee maker was messed up. Me: True, but just in case, we should order ten pounds instead of our usual twenty. Hubs: Good idea.    

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Flying Low….

Sitting around having coffee and I hear something that sounds like a very loud lawn mower. Go to the window and two doors down is a police helicopter hovering ten feet off the ground. My husband and I are both glued to the window waiting for  the raid or the rescue or who knows what. [...]

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hello. My first blog post.

Hey, how are you. This is new, so I still have a few things to work out. I'm going to get a notification process going for the rework as well as new McGovern stories. Look for that sometime next week.  Tech is not my thing so I'll be contacting my 20 year old expert. Damn, [...]

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