Allie and Andre Chapter 6

Andre  He stared down at the man he’d just cut down.  Walter, the driver had been hanging from the ceiling in this old tobacco warehouse for the last two hours as Andre politely asked for any and all information the man might have about Thresher. It was his experience the man who drove the car heard [...]

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Moon-Clad Madness Chapter 8

I come awake with a jerk, blinking the sleep out of my eyes. I’m still in the SUV all by my lonesome. Peering through the windshield to the glass fronted building in front of me, I see a standard animal hospital. And I know animal hospitals. When you grow up with a girl who pulls [...]

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Allie and Andre Chapter 5

Special note: Andre does leave, but don't worry he's coming back. Allie Dangerous? The devil killed as easily as he breathed and he called her dangerous? “That’s ridiculous.” The words were slow to leave her. The soothing strokes of the brush were like a drug. Her body, that had been wound so tight all evening, [...]

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The Rescue

When the McGovern sisters were a bunch of rowdy teenage girls they rescued Gavin from his bitch-slut supposed partner. Here is that story. It is also the introduction of Andre. Blue Ridge Mountains just west of Charlottesville, Virginia "I'm freezing my buns off. I swear, when we get Gavin out of this, I just might [...]

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Moon-Clad Madness Chapter 7

Damn, he always looks so big when he’s bellowing. Arms roped with muscle crossed over his huge chest, seriously huge, like the man has to have dress shirts custom made huge. His powerful legs slightly apart. Sheesh, you absolutely have no trouble picturing this man in a kilt tossin’ tree trunks around for the hell [...]

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Allie and Andre Chapter 4

Andre  She was safe. He’d gotten to her in time. Her body shaking so badly he’d have been terrified if he hadn’t seen the exact thing before. Mckenna exhibited the same symptoms. He’d seen it a number of times over the years. Still, seeing the tiny woman in his arms shaking so violently, her face [...]

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Allie and Andre Chapter 3

Allie  The bath was wonderful. The cream and gold marble - beautiful. The lighting dim and perfect. A fluffy, terry bath-pillow cushioned her head. The lavender bath salts made the water silky and lightly fragrant. The soap in that same lavender decadently creamy, and still she couldn’t relax…and it was all that devil’s fault. She [...]

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Moon-Clad Madness Chapter 6

Lena pulls the SUV into a parking lot across the street from our destination. “They’ve got a bulb out. It looks like she’s had a mastectomy.” Christy’s finger appears between us, pointing to the neon-pink ‘Paper Dolls’ sign. The D in dolls is a stripper pole with a woman wrapped around it and sure enough, [...]

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Moon Clad Madness Chapter 5

  We file into the kinky office. It’s all shiny black and white leather/pleather and mirrored surfaces. You can see yourself in everything, even the desk is shiny black lacquer. Sheesh, it’s dizzying. Allie and Rand are already seated in two shiny white chairs. Gerald and Redwood are the last ones through the door. The [...]

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Allie and Andre Chapter 2

 Andre  He held an Angel in hands stained with blood. He’d suspected what happened as soon as the senator fell, but to hear the Angel had done the deed. She was too fragile for this. Her heart too tender. Killing would damage something very precious in this woman. He wanted to protect that precious something, [...]

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