Allie and Andre / Full Story….so far.

It's been a very long time coming. Cluster has been running away with me, but for those who want more of Allie and Andre this is a short story I've been working on.    New Years Eve, Richmond Virginia... Allie  The lobby in the Hotel Jefferson had always been one of her favorite places. Tonight [...]

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Moon Clad Madness Chapter 4

Special Note: I'm a little tough on the BDSM club here, but I'm making a comparison between one run responsibly and one not. This is the irresponsible one. No neck leather man’s eyes are taking us in, stopping on Allie, but his words are for Jack, “Who are they?” “Nobody you need to worry about.” [...]

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Moon Clad Madness Chapter 3

Twenty minutes later I’m standing in the bedroom staring at the clothes Allie's pulled out of the closet sprawled on the bed. The dresser drawers are open. The shoes are out. Everything where I can see it. Allie says a woman’s wardrobe tells a story, one she understands much better than I do. My wardrobe consist [...]

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Moon Clad Madness Chapter 2

“I do not want to walk up in that.” Lena shudders, digging her hand into he cap of midnight hair,“Please, dear Goddess, please put that crazy-ass brain of yours to work and come up with something.” Crazy-ass brain, yep that’s about right. My brain is different. And while I don’t have an IQ in the high [...]

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Moon-Clad Madness / Full Story

Somewhere in Podunkville Virginia Mckenna I love my three sisters. I do. But there are times, very few and very fleeting, I wonder what it would be like to be an only child. Normally, sweltering out in the middle of a field, in the middle of nowhere, on a mid-summer's Saturday night wouldn't be enough [...]

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