Breaking His Rules / Chapter 26

  Damien   “Are you sure?” Damien didn’t know why he was asking. Desperation maybe? Stan wouldn’t have called if he hadn’t been sure. “Man, I’m sure. It’s her.” Stan confirmed, “You need to get down here. They have her appointment book. You’re in it.” “She never showed.” Damien said, rubbing the base of his [...]

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Breaking His Rules Chapter 25

  Damien Damien slouched against the elevator. Damn, but he was tired. The hotel was officially open for business and the problems had been instant and numerous. Problems with the maid union. Problems with the cooking staff. Problems with security. Problems with plumbing. One guest went into Anaphylactic shock from the carpet deodorizer they used. [...]

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Breaking His Rules Chapter 24

Andie   She woke alone, well rested and sore in unusual places and she wasted no time getting into the bathroom. Where she brushed her teeth, washed her face, and ran a comb through her hair.  She may not rank Demi-Goddess, but at least she smelled nice.  She exited the bathroom to find a shirtless, [...]

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Breaking His Rules Chapter 23

Still Andie It could have been seconds or hours later, Damien eased his hand from her body, his forehead resting on hers. Sensual kisses trailed along her jaw, tender words bathed her ear. A gentle glide of hands down her shoulders and then she was being untied. Her clothes straightened. Damien stood and she came [...]

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Breaking his Rules Chapter 22

Note: This has not had its final polish run through, but I couldn't look it anymore. Sometimes you have to let it go and come back with fresh eyes. Gimme a couple days and it will be smoothed out, but here you go. Andie Andie spent the final afternoon at her Grandmother’s in her room [...]

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Breaking His Rules Chapter 21

Andie After a shower and some intense hair conditioning Andie felt almost human. She’d had a little trouble with the wrapping around her ribs, but after some tugging and turning was able to get the bandage off and back on. The problem was finding something comfortable to wear. A hunt through her closet produced an [...]

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Breaking His Rules / Chapter 20

Damien   Damien raised his chin from the crown of the head tucked under it, digging his hand in a tangle of copper until he found the twig that had been poking him in the throat. Removing it with a gentle shush when the girl on his lap grumped, though he didn’t think she was [...]

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Breaking His Rules / Chapter 19

Damien “We have a problem.” Damien looked up from the screen of his laptop to see a grim-faced Cain Lawrence standing in the open doorway holding a tablet and looking especially grim and good goddamn what now? Smothering the urge to dive under the desk, he rubbed the fatigue from his face and waved in [...]

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Breaking his Rules / Chapter 18

Andie “Knock knock, Andie Chase…”   Andie stood behind the protection of her locked bedroom door, crossed her fingers and went for the big lie.  “Jose, I’m not well.” She’d texted him saying she had a sudden onset of migraine and that the merry group should enjoy the apple pie without her. If Jose got [...]

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Breaking His Rules / Chapter 17

Andie Andie looked at the closed door, “What just happened?” “Jose is a bright young man.” Her eyes snapped to… oh..okay. Oh boy. The hawk was back. Damien had been weird all night. Hanging out in the corner of the kitchen all mood and brood and dark looks. Assuming he was just exhausted from his [...]

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