Breaking His Rules / Chapter 19

Damien “We have a problem.” Damien looked up from the screen of his laptop to see a grim-faced Cain Lawrence standing in the open doorway holding a tablet and looking especially grim and good goddamn what now? Smothering the urge to dive under the desk, he rubbed the fatigue from his face and waved in [...]

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Breaking his Rules / Chapter 18

Andie “Knock knock, Andie Chase…”   Andie stood behind the protection of her locked bedroom door, crossed her fingers and went for the big lie.  “Jose, I’m not well.” She’d texted him saying she had a sudden onset of migraine and that the merry group should enjoy the apple pie without her. If Jose got [...]

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Breaking His Rules / Chapter 17

Andie Andie looked at the closed door, “What just happened?” “Jose is a bright young man.” Her eyes snapped to… oh..okay. Oh boy. The hawk was back. Damien had been weird all night. Hanging out in the corner of the kitchen all mood and brood and dark looks. Assuming he was just exhausted from his [...]

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Breaking His Rules / Chapter 16

Andie The car ride home was an exercise in torture. Andie knew from experience to keep her mouth shut no matter how Jose wheedled and whined. If she gave him so much a syllable he’d do his Jose whammy and she’d be spilling her guts. So she said, “I’m not telling the story twice.” And [...]

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Breaking His Rules / Chapter 15

Andie Fingers of light tickled her face, tugging her from dreamless sleep. Her eyes fluttered open to strange surroundings, it took maybe half a second for her to remember - Mt Olympus. She sat up, alone in the large bed. The velvet drapes had been lowered, cocooning her in gloom, but the sun had found [...]

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Breaking His Rules Chapter 14

Damien “Run that by me again?” “Jane, can you just answer the question please?” Drake was beginning to think this had been a mistake, but he felt a woman’s perspective was called for in this situation, so after the food arrived, he left Andie to soak and nibble her mushrooms in privacy and made the [...]

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Breaking His Rules / Chapter 13

Still Andie   Andie spun in a slow circle, attempting to absorb her surroundings. The box elevator let them out in the center of a space the size of a football field. All of it enclosed in glass and filled with growing things. The air was crisp with the bite of pine and cedar coming [...]

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Breaking His Rules / Chapter 12

  Andie She slapped a hand over his mouth. “Sssh.” He pulled her hand down, “Did you ‘Ssshh’ me?” “Yes. People are staring. And move your hand please.” “Oh, I’ll move my hand.”  He released her from the circle of his arms only to grab her hand and stalk off the floor. She stumbled along [...]

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Breaking His Rules / Chapter 11

Andie Six hours and one sadistic spa experience later, Andie was in one of Tommy’s consignment shops standing on a platform being stuffed and fluffed after being plucked, waxed, buffed and polished. Surrounded by three way mirrors. “Oh, baby, you look all kinds of fuckable. You’ll never make it out of the hotel. He’ll drag [...]

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Breaking His Rules Chapter 10

Andie “And then he pulled her back….” “Oooh sexxxy.” “I know, right….and he said, “I’ll come find you.” “Oh. My. God.” “Oh Holy Shit!” Oh for fuck’s sake. Andie stuffed her deep dish tortilla with guacamole and shoved it her mouth. On the drive home Jose had been relentless, pumping her for every detail and [...]

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