Breaking HIs Rules Chapter 9

****Note from Evyn, Please read or you will be confused.***** Hey all. This is a rough cut, but I'm heading out of town for two weeks so here you go. Oh and I added another scene to chapter eight. Go back and read it and this chapter makes a lot more sense. Damien  Drake stared [...]

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Breaking His Rules Chapter 8

Andie  “Okay, uh I think it’s this one.” Andie gripped the box of cupcakes and gazed up at the white building. Elegant that was the word. Being Old Town there were lots of older buildings. Thus the name, but some stood out. This one always had to her. “Yes, that’s the Monroe Building.” Jose said, [...]

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Breaking His Rules Chapter 7

Drake “What do you mean she’s gone?” “As I already stated sir, the young Mister’s party was moved up and Miss Chase had to rush out.” Barker explained reasonably and for some reason he wanted to rip his very competent butler’s head off. “Hey, what smells so good?” His lawyer pushed by him, “Cupcakes, oh [...]

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Breaking His Rules Chapter 6

******Note*****  I'm trying on different names for my leading man as you all know. For the next few chapters we're going with Damien. Let me know what you think.******* Forty five minutes, a vial of blood, a urine sample, and quite a few embarrassing questions later, Dr. Randolph seemed satisfied she was none the worse [...]

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Breaking His Rules Chapter 5

Still Andie   Coffee was great for mental acuity. She'd actually been able to organize the swirling thoughts and images in her head to a semi-manageable outline format while nibbling on her crumpet that Barker the Butler had sat down in front of her per Mr. Drake's instructions. Adonis was high handed.  She supposed that [...]

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Breaking His Rules Chapter 4

Ivan "Andie, Baby," Drake tapped on the door of his master bath, "You alright in there?" “Yes,” came the pouting response, then a sulky whisper, “Party pooper.” “Party Pooper?” His lips tilted up. He'd been awarded the title while carrying her up the stairs to his master bath, when he'd caught her hands as they [...]

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Breaking His Rules Chapter 3

Chapter 3 It was like being hit in the face with an arctic glacier. All panic faded and his world came into crystal clear focus. “Andie!” rushing over, he scooped her off the floor and laid her on the couch, patting her cheek with one hand and pulling out his phone with the other. He [...]

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Breaking His Rules Chapter 2

“Here we are,” Stan smiled down at her. They'd taken a couple twists and turns down a few more corridors and now stood in front of an intricately carved, mahogany door, “This was hand carved.” she noted, her fingers tracing the beautiful wood. “Sure was,” Stan smiled down at her, raising his hand to rap [...]

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Breaking His Rules Chapter 1

“I have an appointment with Ivan Drake...” “This way.” Andie followed the gorgeous woman she'd decided to call Brunhilda in her head down a dimly lit corridor to what looked like a bar or private club of some sort. The statuesque blond was a walking advertisement for corsets, leather pencil skirts, and mile high stilettos. [...]

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Fifty Shades of Cluster-Fk *Rework* Breaking his Rules Prologue.

Synopsis: In a world where wealth equals power, and the powerful are gods, only the ruthless survive. Ivan Drake was born to this glamorous world of excess, and he doesn't survive. He rules. Drake knows the ugly darkness beneath the bright white marble and glittering facade. It's the same darkness that rides his blood and [...]

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