It’s better.

antibiotics rock. Damien and Andie tomorrow . No lie. I love the scene. It's so great.

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My puppy has way more energy than I do.

Hey guys, There was a delay in updates due to what I call spring fever. Happens every year.  The chronic fatigue anniversaries and oh boy it takes about six weeks to really get past it. Then we got a puppy. He is the single cutest thing I've ever seen, but man, does he take a [...]

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Breaking His Rules / Chapter 30

Damien “Man, I think your uncle’s down there.” “Is he?” Damien gathered Andie in his arms and turned away. He wanted her away from that smoke and in the back of an ambulance. “We should get him out.” Caine called after him. “What the fuck for?"  His uncle could burn in hell or in that [...]

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Breaking His Rules / Chapter 20

Damien   Damien raised his chin from the crown of the head tucked under it, digging his hand in a tangle of copper until he found the twig that had been poking him in the throat. Removing it with a gentle shush when the girl on his lap grumped, though he didn’t think she was [...]

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Breaking His Rules Chapter 14

Damien “Run that by me again?” “Jane, can you just answer the question please?” Drake was beginning to think this had been a mistake, but he felt a woman’s perspective was called for in this situation, so after the food arrived, he left Andie to soak and nibble her mushrooms in privacy and made the [...]

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Technical difficulties.

Yes, it looks weird but you're in the right place. Sorry about that. We're working on it. The menu bars still work so you can still read the stories. So sorry. Hopefully We'll be back to normal soon.

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Yep. It’s done. Fifty on PDF. Check your in-box.

Exactly one week later than my target date,  I have officially sent out the Cluster PDF hopefully it will be in your in-box. If you didn't get it contact me and I'll resend.

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Cluster On PDF

I was planning on sending the first 150 pages of Cluster to all subscribers today. The bad news is we have run into some technical difficulties and it won't go out until Monday. Good news... I'll be sending out the entire thing. I've done some very minor copy-editing, but it will still be imperfect. Like [...]

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Breaking His Rules Chapter 7

Drake “What do you mean she’s gone?” “As I already stated sir, the young Mister’s party was moved up and Miss Chase had to rush out.” Barker explained reasonably and for some reason he wanted to rip his very competent butler’s head off. “Hey, what smells so good?” His lawyer pushed by him, “Cupcakes, oh [...]

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