Allie stared at the words on the screen of her Mac for Mac. Three pages, her recollections of a night eight years ago. It wasn’t much. Hopefully, it was enough. By the Goddess, it would be so much easier if Thresher had managed to get himself killed. But he was smart and more than that, according to Mckenna, he was cautious. And cautious criminals were much more difficult to catch, much less kill.

She hit send and watched her e-mail disappear. A glance at the screen told her it was past midnight. And what a night it had been. She could feel exhaustion just out of reach, but she was restless.  Damn Andre, and his laughing devil eyes.

A kiss. Ha!

She reached for her dressing gown. A vintage piece from the thirties Lena had given her after borrowing one of Allie’s robes to “stop the bleeding”. It wasn’t exactly like the one ruined that night her sister had chased one of her bail jumpers through their living room, but the black velvet was soft and warm and the satin lining slid over her like a whisper. It was lovely and comforting and she needed both of those feelings tonight. Tying it snugly she crossed the room to the balcony. Sliding the door open, she stepped out and heard a soft hoot over her head.

“Thank-you Shakespeare. You were very brave.”

A flutter of wings and another hoot as she walked to the edge of the balcony and looked down, barely making out the taped outline in the grass. Someone had tried to take her for the second time in three days. That Thresher would try to take her from her home when she was surrounded by her sisters, where she felt the safest. A fine chill rolled down her spine. Allie tugged the wrapper more firmly around her and went to grab the blanket from its hook in the corner and for the third time in one night got the bejeesus scared out of her.

“Holy Shit!” She jumped back, grabbing the giant electric candle off the table to whack whoever had been hiding on her…oh… “What the hell are you doing?”

Sin emerged from the shadows, “Angel, I’ve never heard you curse before. For shame.”

“It’s been a long night and I came out here to find a strange man lurking on my balcony.”

“First of all, I’m not strange…”

“Hah! Says who?”

“And I’m waiting, not lurking.”

“For what?” Dear Goddess, if anyone else tried to snatch grab or grope her tonight she was going to be doing some wood chipper stuffing herself.

“For you, Angel. You come out every evening to tell your owl goodnight.”

Oh. “I come out to sit and enjoy the quiet.” And she might possibly, sometimes say goodnight to Shakespeare. His friendly hoots made her happy and….and how in the devil would the devil know what she did…  “Have you been spying on me?”

“Angel,” The Devil spread his hands, giving her a look of helpless innocence, “Someone is trying to kidnap you.”


Allie loved natural light. She didn’t have curtains on French doors, relying on the intricate wrought iron and the and the magnolia tree to give her privacy, but if someone were standing on the balcony and peeping in? He’d see…. Oh dear Goddess.

“You’ve seen me naked?!!”

“I closed my eyes.” Not a trace of innocence now, “Honest.” He held up his hand like some boy scout and smiled, a small, wicked, secret smile. It was sexy as all get out.

Get out.”

Andre lowered his hand, looking around meaningfully, “We are already ‘out.’”

“Get off…”

“Ah Angel, that would take more than a kiss. “

The candle left her hand without conscious thought. He caught it laughing and set it back on the table. The horses-Ass. “Go! Get off my balcony.” Oh she was mad. Spitting Mad. Hitting mad. Do utterly horrible and violent things mad.  Dear Goddess, if only she had that wood chipper.

She planted both hands on his chest and shoved and shoved again. He said words like apologize and blah blah, sexy, sexy, blah, sin, sin, blah, blah.  She was so tired of that voice invading her days and haunting her sleepless nights.

Sara Heather Aliana McGovern McIntyre Kane Kinkaid Smyth with a “y” had had enough.

She grabbed him by his too beautiful, silky as sin hair, pulled his too beautiful, sexy as sin face to hers and bit him on that too beautiful sexy as sin mouth.

It wasn’t until the wall was at her back and Andre was fused to her front. His mouth devouring hers that she remembered the warning about baiting the tiger.

Oh, but what a way to go.

An annoying voice in the back of her mind reminded her she needed to stop, this wasn’t the plan. She shushed it.  She’d stop in a minute or… two at the most… three. She’d give it three minutes. He tasted so good and she’d been so cold and lonely…while he sat in a tree and spied on her. She deserved a taste so she opened for him and sucked on his tongue. Andre’s low hungry groan vibrated against her chest and his hands slid inside her robe and moved in opposite directions. Sliding up to cup one breast and down lifting her thigh.

Then Allie received the full force of Andre Torrill bent on seduction. His finger played at her breast, plucking teasing brushing the bud at the same time he rocked his thick erection into her sex. Her blood turned to lava, curling heat flowed from her belly, she held to his shoulders and fed her pleading whimpers into his marauding mouth.

He shoved the silk of her gown aside and then he was caressing her skin to skin. His fingers slightly rough on her tender skin as he flicked the bud he’d teased to a pouting aching peak. With consummate skill he stoked the fire in her blood. His other hand moving up her thigh to  her ass, guiding her, smoothing out her frantic movements to a smooth point counter point. Heat flooded her, soaking the thin silk gown.

She jerked her mouth away, sucking air into her lungs that did nothing to ease the heat burning her from the inside out.

Andre used the time to kiss his way along her jaw. And then rough breathing heated her ear, “I ache Angel.” A ragged confession, “Every night I watch over you. Watch you hide your sweet body under silk sheets.” He bit the sensitive flesh behind her ear, “Do you ache, Angel?”

Goddess, yes she ached. She was shivering hot and cold melting heat. So wet now she was slippery sliding easily over the hard heat of him as his mouth trailed down. Down her throat to her exposed breasts his words thick against her heated flesh, “Laying alone in your bed.…”  Breath hot on the bud he’d teased to aching, he asked, “Do you touch this sweet body and think of me?”

Hearing her own sighs of yes, she arched up into his waiting mouth. He bit, lashing with his tongue and all was lost in her body’s rush.


A hoot over her head brought Allie crashing to earth.

That was more than a taste.

That voice again. She told herself to shut it. She’d had a rough night.

Lowering her leg to the floor, she pushed against Andre’s chest and escaped with surprising ease, darting around him to her balcony door.

“One kiss. As promised.” She said, proud her voice wasn’t at all shaky. Husky yes, but since she’d just had a spectacular orgasm, husky was acceptable.

He looked up and oh dear…. Allie worked very hard to keep a straight face.

Andre blinked at her all dazed and confused, his wallet in one hand and oh…  oh dear dear, “Ribbed for her pleasure?” She said, turning her back on the man and the little foil packet he held to slide the door open and step through it, schooling the smile off her face before facing him again, “So considerate. I’m tempted, really I am, but I’m soooo tired.”

She closed the door and gave the man who still had not moved so much as an inch a finger wave, “Good night, Andre. Sweet dreams.”

He blinked again.

Allie cut out the light, immersing the room in darkness even Andre’s eyes couldn’t penetrate before fist pumping the air, “Ha! Take that, Mr. Sexy-Pants.”

Low male laughter cut off her victory dance. Rich and sensual, it rolled and tumbled around her room like two lovers tangled in each other arms, “Good night, Angel. Sleep well.”