Hello!! Wow. Where to begin. The last few years have been intense. Serious stress. Major stress. And finally It clobbered me.  Death of a parent, health problems, Moving three times in four years, financial problems, IRS problems.  When it was all over I thought Whew! It’s all over. I’ll be fine now. And bam! I just crashed.  This surprised me. Everything had resolved. I should have been ready to go. But I didn’t count on the toll it had taken on me. I just shut down physically, mentally, emotionally. I had nothing left. I couldn’t even open my laptop, much less write anything. Thank-you guys for hanging in there with me. It took a long time to get my energy back up and running and even longer to make the changes to get out of the cycle that had caused the crash in the first place. Not saying I’m 100 percent there, but changes have been made.  And I no longer feel too overwhelmed to take a single step.

Again, thanks for hanging in there with me. There will be updates lots of updates.