New Moon Madness Chapter 7 part 2

Mckenna   The sculpture exhibit at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts is a favorite of the Richmond elite for charity events. The rotunda has a separate entrance and the sculptures are large, sturdy, sparsely [...]

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New Moon Madness chapter 7

Mckenna   The medical Examiner’s offices sat on the edge of downtown and had its own parking lot, but it was quite a hike to the actual entrance. Since it was a Sunday, street parking [...]

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New Moon Madness Chapter 6

Mckenna I wiped my mouth and sent Lena the McGovern Glare of Death. “Uh, okay so maybe not.” Resting my head on the wheel, I took a couple breaths and reminded Lena of our reality, [...]

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New Moon Madness Chapter 5

Mckenna After Allie shut down the Seth haters, it was only a matter of getting through the next fifty minutes of updates, motions, complaints suggestions and one heated exchange between the owner of Dogma, the [...]

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New Moon Madness / chapter 4

“Allie’s good with stray people.” Christy noted. Thank the Goddess, “Get that dress in a plastic bag.” “On it.” Lena said and followed them upstairs. I had no idea what had transpired in that back [...]

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New Moon Madness / Chapter 3

Christy   Their back yard wasn’t big, but Trudy’s poop sure was. Christy pulled the little blue plastic bag out of the lower left pocket of her cargo pants, wrapped it around her hand and [...]

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