New Moon Madness / chapter 4

“Allie’s good with stray people.” Christy noted. Thank the Goddess, “Get that dress in a plastic bag.” “On it.” Lena said and followed them upstairs. I had no idea what had transpired in that back [...]

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New Moon Madness / Chapter 3

Christy   Their back yard wasn’t big, but Trudy’s poop sure was. Christy pulled the little blue plastic bag out of the lower left pocket of her cargo pants, wrapped it around her hand and [...]

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New Moon Madness Chapter 2

Mckenna We got the B team out of the door an hour later. Basically they asked us to keep all this quiet. I rolled my eyes and walked away. Lena called them idiots and Gavin [...]

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It’s a Mad Mad Mad New Year / Chapter 4

  Allie Allie stared at the words on the screen of her Mac for Mac. Three pages, her recollections of a night eight years ago. It wasn’t much. Hopefully, it was enough. By the Goddess, [...]

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It’s a Mad Mad Mad New Year / Chapter 3

Christian “Sir, you can’t be in here.” “I assure you, I can.” “Where’s Andre?” Kate stuck her head in the doorway. “Who’s Andre?” Elliot shoved him from behind. “Uh….nobody.” Kate dodged. “Oh, is he here? [...]

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It’s a Mad Mad Mad New Year / Chapter 2

Hey guys, here's part two. I think this short will have one more chapter and lead into an Allie and Andre story.... Not sure how long that on's going to be. Oh, and the Grey's [...]

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