A Cluster of Holiday Madness / Full Story

In last year’s Holiday One-Shot, A Christmas Cluster, Allie refers to the Scotland trip The Greys took in November. So for this year’s Holiday story, I thought it would be a hoot to write about [...]

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New Moon Madness

Six years after The Rescue......  “This is beautiful” “Isn't it?” The stubby little man in front of me holds my dagger up. Afternoon light falling through high windows dance over the hilt. Ivory glowed, gold [...]

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The Rescue Christy’s POV

Someone challenged me to write from Christy's point of view and I have always wanted to know what happened at that honkey tonk. So..... Christy, after getting off the phone with Mckenna.... Christy shoved her [...]

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A Cluster of Holiday Madness Chapter 4

The finale.... Ana Strolling along the second floor landing over the great hall, Ana snuggled closer to Christian a sudden chill making her shiver. With Jose watching Teddy while he and John played a game [...]

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A Cluster of Holiday Madness Chapter 3

Ana “Annie you have got to try this cider.” Jose raved with his usual enthusiasm over great food and drink. She pulled the empty bottle from Teddy’s mouth and lifted him to her shoulder, patting [...]

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A Cluster of Holiday Madness Chapter 2

Ana  “Holy Crap! It’s a castle.” Ana pressed her nose to the car window like a five year old and blinked at the massive stone structure. She knew they were going to a castle she’d [...]

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