A Cluster of Holiday Madness Chapter 2

Ana  “Holy Crap! It’s a castle.” Ana pressed her nose to the car window like a five year old and blinked at the massive stone structure. She knew they were going to a castle she’d [...]

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A Cluster of Holiday Madness Chapter 1

In last year’s Holiday One-Shot, A Christmas Cluster, Allie refers to the Scotland trip The Greys took in November. So for this year’s Holiday story, I thought it would be a hoot to write about [...]

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Allie and Andre Chapter 6

Andre  He stared down at the man he’d just cut down.  Walter, the driver had been hanging from the ceiling in this old tobacco warehouse for the last two hours as Andre politely asked for any [...]

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Moon-Clad Madness Chapter 8

I come awake with a jerk, blinking the sleep out of my eyes. I’m still in the SUV all by my lonesome. Peering through the windshield to the glass fronted building in front of me, [...]

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Allie and Andre Chapter 5

Special note: Andre does leave, but don't worry he's coming back. Allie Dangerous? The devil killed as easily as he breathed and he called her dangerous? “That’s ridiculous.” The words were slow to leave her. [...]

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The Rescue

When the McGovern sisters were a bunch of rowdy teenage girls they rescued Gavin from his bitch-slut supposed partner. Here is that story. It is also the introduction of Andre. Blue Ridge Mountains just west [...]

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