So I thought you guys might like to meet my Super Mom. Here she is on her 85th Birthday Christmas Day 2019. She is always smiling. Oh, and she now has a boyfriend. That’s right my Mama has found new love at 85. He’s a peanut farmer. I told her I expect peanuts in the shell. She and her Beau talk every day. In other news – the hubs threw his back Sunday night. My TMJ has been especially bad. We only had one heating pad. I donned the gloves and the mask and headed for CVS drug store. It was closed. The only other place I knew would have it was Target. Now, I had a bad feeling about this place. I don’t know why. Maybe because I haven’t seen any extra cleaning going on, but I had my mask and my gloves so I braved it. Went in got out and over the next twenty-four hours had one of the worst stomach bugs of my life. I think I lost ten pounds in an hour. We’re all good now and we have two heating pads, cause we are old. I’ve found some outtakes of Andie and Damien. They didn’t make the cut but they are pretty darn cute. I’m popping them up so you guys can enjoy while being safe and staying home.