Here it is….

Just in time for the Holidays….

Papa’s Sangria….

1 bottle of cabernet

½ cup Grand Marnier

½ cup Chambord

¼ to ½ cup brandy

*3 oranges PEELED and sliced

*1 lemon PEELED and sliced

*1 Lime PEELED and sliced

Throw it all in a pitcher. Chill overnight.

Taste. If you want it sweeter. I added a little simple syrup or sugar water for the layman not quite a quarter cup of sugar, but I have a sweet tooth so you may not need to.

Pour over ice. Garnish with whatever the hell you want and make sure you have a designated driver.

*I find that peeling the fruit keeps it from being bitter. It’s not as pretty, but you can always garnish with pretty slices when you serve it. I mixed mine with sparkling water as opposed to a lemon lime soda or ginger ale, but it is DELICIOUS straight.