So mom had a heart attack. She’s good, in the hospital. They’re treating her like royalty. I’ll just say that stints are a medical miracle. What used to be major open heart surgery is now just a slip of the wrist and bam your good to go.

But Mom was home alone when it happened. Got on the phone with 911. She didn’t know if she’d be able to make it to the door to let the paramedics in. So the operator asked if she should send the police to break the door in. Now my mom is literally in the middle of a heart attack, sweating, radiating chest pain….

“Oh, not the front door, tell them to go all the way to the end of the driveway and break down the back door, it’s already messed up and we have to replace it anyway. The lock is bad.”

Now I thought this was a little uh… off. I mean, Mom you’re having a heart attack. However my brother, the retired police officer said this happened to them all the time. ┬áPeople would be in the middle of a near death experience, life hanging in the balance, split seconds count, “No no no not the’s new…it’s just been painted…we just put in a new lock… Go door go around to the back, not the side doors they’ve got that fancy french glass, and not the screened in porch we just re-screened…go all the way to the back down the basement steps and come through the den…”

I like to fell out of the chair laughing. I thought the nurses were going to throw me out.