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Damien and Andie Deleted scene

This conversation takes place after Damien moves Andie into his place without consulting her.  I thought it ran kind of long. So I replaced it with his conversation with Barker.  After reviewing it, I might [...]

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Breaking His Rules / Chapter 33 – Part 2

Damien   And there was perplexed look. The one with the little “V” of confusion in the middle of her forehead. He loved that one. Jumping up, he crossed the room and popped a kiss [...]

By | November 20th, 2019|Categories: Reworking It|8 Comments

Breaking His Rules / Chapter 33

Andie   Andie started her hunt for Damien at his office and found a closed door. She put her ear to it. Nothing. To knock or not to knock? The advantage of surprise had merit, [...]

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Breaking His Rules Chapter 32 part 3

Damien   Damn, he was in love.  Well, shit, he didn’t see that one coming. The revelation was so consuming it took him a while to realize the room was silent. As in no one [...]

By | May 16th, 2019|Categories: Reworking It|7 Comments

Breaking his Rules / Chapter 32 Part 2

Andie The Demi finally whittled his laughter down to chortles and a couple whews, “I haven’t laughed like that in…” “You laugh all the time.” Both brows popped up, “The hell you say.” “Oh, I [...]

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Breaking his Rules Chapter 32 part 1

The sun blazed in ribbons of red and gold by the time Jose and Layla returned with their two guests. The orangry crowd with the exception of Min and Dee had dispersed. Those two had [...]

By | January 21st, 2019|Categories: Reworking It|9 Comments

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