We had some technical difficulties with the site over the holidays. As a result, some of the McGovern Stories weren’t showing up. We’ve fixed it….we think. So you should be able to find the complete stories under their sub categories. (The Rescue and Christy’s POV you will find under Miscellaneous Madness) But as a result of the snafu the PDF of Cluster has been delayed to Mid Jan. Hopefully, this week we’ll have a contact option on that little menu bar As well as a subscribe option. You can curently subscribe to get auto updates but you have to go to McGovern madness to do it. It’s in the right margin.

Thank you so much for all your kind words and warm wishes. The Holidays were hectic and a little sad, but still beautiful.  I can’t wait to get some more madness stirring. Also, I’ve been working on Damien and Andie’s story. So there will be more of them soon. Thanks guys, so much for your loyalty, patience and kindness. And a Happy Mad New Year. God Bless Us, Everyone.