I’ve had a couple of folks ask about the reading order. Here we go.

The Rescue And Christy POV (You’ll find this under Miscellaneous Madness)

New Moon Madness

Moon Clad Madness

A Fifty Christmas Cluster part 1

Fifty Shades of Cluster-fuck (ending with the bird watching on the cliff)

A Fifty Christmas Cluster part 2

Fifty Shades of the Moon

A Cluster of Holiday Madness

A fifty Christmas Cluster part 3

Allie and Andre

It’s a Mad Mad Mad  New Year

*As far as the extension of Cluster (The events after the bird watching on the cliff). It’s an alternate version of the events in Fifty Shades of the Moon with the characters from Cluster like Jose and the Babes included. Though the facts are slightly altered it will end up in the same place as Moon. So pick your poison, if you will. Either version of the events will get you to the same place in the end.

Also, some time over the next few weeks I’ll put everything that’s completed here on the website. If you don’t want to be be-bopping back and forth from here to Fan Fic.

And thanks so so much for all the encouragement, patience, and kind words. You guys rock. Really, you do.