Life. Sweet Mercy! Can’t even begin to go into it all. We are all good. That’s kind of a faith statement, but we have our health, we being the dog, the cat, me and the hubs,  and things are finally looking up.  Hope you guys are good. I’m still working through the comments. One day I will write about the last three years, but I’m still too traumatized by it to even give it a go. Committing to posting once a month right now. Continuing Allie’s New year’s Eve. So keep an eye out next week for that. Will be posting some vids and pics to my Facebook today. Puppy and kitty and Mom’s Christmas Birthday. She is 87 years young.  Wow!  Thanks for sticking with me through some of the toughest times of my life. Stay safe guys. Wash those hands. Wear those masks.  Wishing everyone a happy safe new year.